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X-Pert (NX) – The Ultimate Professional Spinning & Stationary Pole

The #1 Professional Grade Exercise/Dance Pole on the market! There is no other pole that is both stationary & spinning, bottom-loading that features the revolutionary X-Joint! With the X-Pert´s unique adjuster system, you can expand and fully lock the pole in position without ever leaving the ground.

Spinning & Stationary – Standard set is adjustable for ceiling heights of 7′ 4″ to 9′. *If your ceiling height is exactly 9 ft. an additional extension may be needed depending on your set up location. For higher or lower ceiling heights, extensions are available for purchase - click here for extensions. Click the image below to see the height chart.

X-Pole Height Chart

X-Pert Installation Video Here.

Bottom Loading – No ladder needed to adjust height. You can expand and fully lock the pole into positions without ever leaving the ground.

X-Joint Technology – Metal tube that expands & contracts to hold pole pieces together instead of threads. This increases pole stability & eliminates the possibility of stuck pole pieces.

The X-Pert Set Contains

  • Micro Base Plate – smaller base for minimum contact and maximum support
  • Main Pole A (bottom pole) with attached height adjuster rod and adjuster cover – Metal (not plastic) Adjuster Cover simply threads into place creating a smooth pole from top to bottom. With no sharp edges or threads to scrape arms or legs, you can utilize the entire pole with confidence
  • Main Pole B (top pole) – Only the Main Pole A and Main Pole B are needed for ceiling heights of 7ft 4in – 7ft 9in
  • 125mm (5in) extension – Attach this extension for ceiling heights 7ft 9in – 8ft 2in
  • 250mm (10in) extension – Attach this extension for ceiling heights of 8ft 2in – 8ft 7in
  • Combine both the 125mm with the 250mm for ceiling heights of 8ft 6in – 9ft
  • 1x 180mm (7in) X-Joint – Comes attached to the125mm extension and used with the smallest extensions that are closest to the ceiling
  • 2x 200mm (8in) X-Joints – Used to connect all larger pole pieces
  • Top Adapter – Attaches to the upper most pole piece/extension
  • Upper Support Dome – 16in wide dome that is able to grip a large surface area of the ceiling for extra stability and support (comes with a silicone ring to protect your ceiling)
  • Hex Key – The ONLY tool you will need to properly set up your X-Pert!
  • 2x Carry Cases – One case is used for the pole pieces/extensions and the second is used for the micro base plate and upper support dome.
  • Photo Display Manual

What is the difference between pole finishes?

Chrome – most popular, competition standard, regular grip
Titanium Gold – electronically coated, enhanced grip
Stainless Steel – weather resistant, best for sensitive skin, regular grip
Brass – solid polished brass, high grip
Powder Coated – good for sensitive skin, max grip
Silicone – similar to Chinese pole, can wear clothing, max grip

What is the difference in pole diameters/thickness?

40mm (1.5in) – slimmest, sleekest pole yet, great for small hands.
45mm (1.75in) – most popular, great hand grip, industry & competition standard
48mm (1.89 in) – its a 40mm pole and becomes 48mm with silicone coating
50mm (2in) – original pole size
53mm (2.09 in) – its a 45mm pole and becomes 53mm with silicone coating


Pre-orders are welcome and encouraged as popular models and variations usually sell out before the stock even arrives! There are several shipments of stock arriving over the next month or so. Current stock levels and estimate arrival dates are listed below. Please understand that these are expected, not guaranteed times, as we have no control over the factory production and international freight containers at sea.

X-Pole Sport

  • 40mm Chrome - late-Nov/early-Dec
  • 40mm Powder Coated Black - late-Nov/early-Dec
  • 45mm Chrome - In-Stock
  • 45mm Powder Coated Pink - In-Stock
  • 45mm Powder Coated Black - In-Stock

X-Pole X-Pert

  • 40mm Chrome - In-Stock
  • 40mm Titanium Gold - Discontinued
  • 40mm Stainless Steel - Discontinued
  • 40mm Powder Coated Pink - late-Nov/early-Dec
  • 40mm Powder Coated Black - late-Nov/early-Dec
  • 40mm Brass - In-Stock
  • 45mm Chrome - In-Stock
  • 45mm Titanium Gold - mid-Dec
  • 45mm Stainless Steel - Discontinued
  • 45mm Powder Coated Pink - early-Dec
  • 45mm Powder Coated Black - In-Stock
  • 45mm Brass - In-Stock
  • 50mm Chrome - Discontinued
  • 50mm Titanium Gold - Discontinued

Last updated: 14th November 2018

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  • 5
    X-pole, woohoo!

    Posted by Alina on 17th Aug 2016

    First of all, the customer service is on point. Thank you all for what you do!

    Can't say that I waited very long for the X-pole to be shipped. I was too excited to notice that.
    Though I haven't still set my pole up due to delayed restoration of the room, I opened the box to see it with my own eyes and touch it with my own hands. Everything is as necessary, the parts seem good quality. I have no doubt that X-pole will serve my desires well!

  • 5
    love it!

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Feb 2015

    I absolutely love it! Received within a week, easy to put up, and is brilliant to use. I'm just getting started with pole and this will really help me come along a lot fast. Thank you

  • 4
    X-pole Sport

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Feb 2015

    Excellent product quality supported by excellent customer service

  • 5
    love love love

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Nov 2014

    I love my x-pole it's brilliant.

  • 5

    Posted by Esther on 21st Nov 2013

    really happy with the pole and with the service recieved, fast, effective and very professional since the beginning.

  • 5
    pole xpert 40mm

    Posted by Rommy on 14th Jan 2013

    Sono davvero contenta ottimo prodotto!
    perfetto per chi come me ha appena iniziato con la pole,il diametro da la possibilità di prendere confidenza con il palo.


    I'm really happy great product!
    perfect for those like me who just started with the pole, the diameter of the opportunity to become familiar with the post.

  • 5
    Grade A++ Quality Pole

    Posted by enrgist on 10th Dec 2009

    The versatility alone makes this pole incomparable. For those who like options. You have found it here. As a dance pole, it IS dependable and sturdy. For those sporting rigorous movement this pole will support you! I speak from experience - I have taken a few poles down mid performance. Also, X pole comes complete with the tools you need to put it together. (Though you'll need a measuring tape, studfinder, leveler and additional release tools) Concerned about your furnishings? X pole will not leave a mark! It has a rubber ring both on top/bottom preventing the metal from scraping surfaces. Which brings me to the portable option of X Pole, up or down, you can move the pole according to your needs. Want to take it to go? Pole sufficiently comes apart in manageable pieces, along with carrying case for optimum transportation. It's two poles in one. You can change the pole from static or spinning with just a simple tightening/loosening of screws. Which reminds me, for ladies considering this option you don't need to be "handy saavy" to install.. tho you'll need a helper. Need X Pole to be taller/shorter? You can purchase extensions/remove pieces to achieve your required height. Frankly, X Pole is genius.. an engineer would agree. Personally, I’m eyeing the X Pole stage. (A stage pole requiring no weights – tell me more!)

  • 5
    The best pole full stop

    Posted by Lora on 4th Dec 2009

    I've had my X Pole for almost 2 years now and i have never had a single problem with it.
    I have heard some people mention it didn't grip well at first due to a protective wax but a rub down with some cheap vodka or other cleaner fixes that easilly.

    Easy to put up and take down again (although mine is up permenantly Seaver for when relatives come over) good grip, nice finish, incredibly stable and can be convered between static and spinning by loosening 2 easilly acessible screws.

    Very good value for money and when doing inverts off the pole I wouldn't trust any of the other "removable poles" that are on the Market!

    I just wish I had higher celings so I could add dome height with the extentions.