Simple Checkout & Additional Payments

Purpose of the Simple Checkout

This page is used for making additional payments after your purchase in some of, but not limited to, the following circumstances:

  1. Shipping Related Payments - Additional shipping costs for non-standard shipping locations, alternative locations, redirections to another location, shipping service upgrades and/or package insurance.

  2. Order & Item Related Payments - Additional item(s) added to orders, item(s) amended and/or upgraded item(s).

  3. Reshipment Related Payments - Additional costs for reshipment due to non-collection, incorrect shipping address on order and/or return-to-sender.

  4. Miscellaneous Payments - Such as cross border fees, taxes and/or duties.


Additional Payment Instructions

  1. Understand Your Additional Payment - Make sure you have the additional payment amount from the support/sales representative and you clearly understand why an additional payment is required.

  2. Set Payment Amount - Click the 'Pay Now' button below. This will open up a secure page and you will be able to enter the amount of the payment owing and then click 'Continue'.

  3. Payment Form - You will then be taken to a highly secure 256 bit SSL 'Simple Checkout' and it will contain the payment amount from the previous step. This is a standard and secure credit card payment form that will require your Card Number, Expiration Date, CCV and Billing Address.

  4. Payment Complettion - once you have completed your payment, please remember to notify us. Simply reply to your current email trail with your support/sales rep. DO NOT forward your payment receipt to us, as this will open another support case and delay your order.