Pro Competitors vs. Pole Fitness for Fun

23rd Feb 2012

Recently, The Pole Dancing Shop was in Southern California for BeSpun's Pole Show LA.  We sat down with various pro competitor pole dancers and learned a lot about their journey to the pole.  Amber Richard made a great comment.  She said that many of us dance once or twice a week in class.  The pros are training hours each day.  Of course the "regular" pole dancer can't expect to do what they do.  Amber suggested we enjoy the process of learning to dance and not push ourselves to do advanced moves too quickly. 

Pole Dancing - Natasha WangIt got us thinking about the difference between those of us who choose to pole dance for fun and fitness and those who do it for a living.  Sure, even those who compete in pole competitions had to start in the beginning like everyone else.  For them, something made them want to do it full-time.  But many of us are happy to use pole dancing as part of our fitness regime, for an outlet or purely for the fun of it.

That brings us to the next part of Amber's comment.  Enjoying the process.  We might all be excited to jump into a twisted grip handspring mount (or maybe only some of us are), but as Amber said during our interview, that should not be happening six months into pole dancing.  Pole dancing requires much different muscles than normal workouts.  Even if you are strong, time needs to be spent developing the proper muscles and functional strength to perform these moves.  Rather than be frustrated with the process, take the time to enjoy each new move you learn and celebrate the beauty of the dance.

Learning to pole dance is a journey.  Although the majority of pole dancers will never rise to the level of a pro competitor, it doesn't mean that we don't love to pole just as much.  In fact, there is less pressure on us so, perhaps, we can enjoy the journey just a little bit more. 

Story by Lori Myers / @lolorashel

Pole Dancing - Jenyne Butterfly