Pole Show LA 2012

15th Jan 2012

The Pole Dancing Shop is proud to be an Official Sponsor of the Pole Show LA 2012

Pole Show LA

On Saturday, January 28, 2012, BeSpun is hosting its annual Pole Show LA. Located in Hollywood, BeSpun is known for the high caliber of the competitors that train in their studio. The show will include performances by BeSpun instructors and students, as well as the following headliners:

Headline Acts

Prana Ovide-Etienne ~ Prana hails from Paris, France and participated in the very first pole dance competition in France in 2008. She is an instructor at Pole Dance Paris and also offers workshops all over the world.

Natasha Wang ~ Natasha Wang is the USPDF Champion for 2011 and California Pole Dance Champion for 2010. She has trained at BeSpun and is part of Kelly Yvonne's Girl Next Door Show. She also teaches workshops around the world.

Steven Retchless ~ Steven is the 2010 American Pole Fitness Champion. He also appeared on the television show, America's Got Talent in 2011. Steven is an Instructor at Body & Pole in New York City but teaches workshops all over the world.

Leigh Ann Orsi ~ Leigh Ann is the owner of BeSpun and competed in the USPDF Nationals in 2010. She is proud to have trained some of the pole community's most amazing competitors, including Alethea Austin, Estee Zakar and Josiah "Bad Azz" Grant. Leigh Ann has produced a series of Pole Dancing DVDs that attract much attention.


Jenyne Butterfly ~ Jenyne has won many pole competitions, including pole-a-palooza and the P'Olympics, earning her the title of Pole Queen. She has also been a featured performer in the cirque show, Le Reve. She travels the world teaching workshops and is embarking on an Asian tour in the Spring of 2012.

Alethea Austin ~ Alethea Austin is the USPDF Champion for 2010 and USPDF's Miss Sexy for 2009. She is an instructor at BeSpun. Known for her Sexy Flexy style, Alethea has taught workshops at over 150 studios all over the world.

Karol Helms ~ Karol is USPDF's Miss Sexy for 2010 and the USPDF East Coast Champion for 2009. She is also X-Pole US' Brand Ambassador. Initially self-taught through Fawnia Dietrich's and Alena Downs' DVDs and videos, Karol is now one of the top pole instructors in the world.

Estee Zakar ~ Estee is the Miss Trixter 2010 USPDF Champion and won first place in the Pole Position Fitness Competition in Los Angeles. She is an instructor at Tease Studio in Denver, Colorado and travels the world teaching workshops.

Zoraya Judd ~ Zoraya is the 2011 International Pole Art Champion. She has teamed with her husband, Nic, to travel and teach workshops all over the world. Zoraya is also a pole dancer and aerialist with Zen Arts.

Laura Martin ~ Flying Laura is the American Pole Fitness Champion for 2011. She has ten years of pole dancing experience and earned her nickname for her fast transitions and no-handed moves.

BeSpun Pole Dancing DVDs

Pole Dancing DVD

Non-Headline Acts

Amber Richard ~ Amber began her career teaching at Poletential in Northern California.  She now teaches at BeSpun and The Choreography House.  She is also one of the regulars in Girl Next Door.  Amber is APFA Pole Artist of the Year for 2010 and USPDF West Coast Champion 2009.

Josiah "Bad Azz" Grant ~ Bad Azz bought his first pole at the age of 16.  He is an instructor at BeSpun and took third place in the American Pole Fitness Championships in 2010.

Amy Guion ~ Amy is the manager of and an instructor at BeSpun. She is a classically trained ballet dancer and also has experience in aerial silks and contortion. Amy has competed and performed pole around the United States and internationally. She placed second in the 2011 USPDF Amateur national competition and 3rd in the 2011California Pole Dance Championship.

Amber Kittle ~ Amber Kittle is the California Pole Dance Champion 2009, lives in Montclair, CA. She has been pole dancing for over four years and has a background in gymnastics.

Nadia Sharif ~ Nadia teaches at BeSpun and is a resident of The Choreography House and Girl Next Door.  She took second place at the 2011 California Pole Dance Championship. 

Tiffany Hayden ~ Tiffany is also an instructor at BeSpun.  She is the Spearmint Rhino's Entertainer of the Year for 2012, was in the top five for USPDF West Coast, was an IPDFA Semi-Finalist and was UPA's Pro-Poler for November 2010.

Adrienne Strauss ~ Adrienne is an instructor at BeSpun and also performs in Girl Next Door.  In 2010, she was also part of Kelly Maglia Vertical Theatre's "Umbrella: A Pole Play.

Sienna Spalding ~ Sienna also teaches at BeSpun and is part of the Girl Next Door family.  When not pole dancing, she is working on her music career. 

Jennifer Kim ~ Jennifer is an instructor at BeSpun and The Choreography House.  She is also a regular dancer in Girl Next Door – A Pole Dance Soirée.

Lindsey Kimura ~ Lindsey has been with BeSpun for three years.  Born and raised in Hollywood, she has a background in many competitive sports.

Pole Show LA 2012 Review

On Saturday, January 28, 2012, a reported 400+ people gathered at BeSpun in Hollywood, California for their third annual Pole Show LA.  The Pole Dancing Shop was a proud sponsor, along with X-Pole Mighty Grip, Dew Point and Pole Expo Las Vegas.

The showcase brought together some of the best of the best in the pole dancing pro world, as well as the instructors and students from BeSpun. Headliners included:

  • Leigh Ann Reilly, who rocked a shoulder stand on a motorcycle.
  • Prana, whose wild cat-themed dance was awesome to watch.
  • Steven Retchless, whose routine was ballet-based and so beautiful.
  • Natasha Wang, who based the character in her routine on a spider that conquers the pole.
  • Amber Kittle, who amazed us all by starting her routine on the ceiling in a 20-foot death lay. 
  • Karol Helms and Alethea Austin, whose school girl-themed doubles routine rocked the house.
  • Jenyne Butterfly, who is such a sweetheart and is always the crowd favorite.
  • Zoraya Judd, who managed to incorporate a live python into her routine.
  • Flying Laura Martin, who pulled out an amazing hip hop routine, complete with back-up dancers.
  • Estee Zakar, who is so strong and whose routine was really fun to watch.

Pole Show LA Pics

Images by LiquidPulp Photography for The Pole Dancing Shop

Pole Show LA

Pole Show LA

Pole Show LAPole Show LA

Pole Show LAPole Show LA

Pole Show LA

Pole Show LAPole Show LA

Pole Show LA

Pole Show LAPole Show LA

Pole Show LAPole Show LA