Pole Dancing Moves - Practicing Safe Inversions

6th Mar 2012

Pole Dancing Moves - InvertWhen I began pole dancing I often heard the phrase, "Do not kick into your inverts!" This was confusing to me because it looked like nearly everyone kicked into their basic inverts online. But there is a difference between kicking your legs up and lifting your legs up utilizing your core and upper body. The main difference is control! 

The proper way to invert is done by standing with your hips in front of the pole and engaging your core and upper body to lift your lower body up and over your head. Once inverted, you slowly bring your legs to the pole and place them there crossing your legs at the ankles. Then you release your hands when a secure leg grip is obtained.

The invert can be very unsafe when performed incorrectly. Avoid standing behind the pole. Jumping off the ground and kicking your legs up with force are both very dangerous ways to enter an invert. Doing so will cause your legs and ribs to slam into the pole and could cause bruising or worse. It also puts strain on the back and shoulders. Stand on the tip of your toes if you need help remembering. Do not rely on your legs to catch you, but instead use your core to hold you up until you can move your legs into proper positioning around the pole. Then you can release your hands.

It is a lot to remember but the main thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to be throwing your body around. It is all about control! Many people have done it; I have even done it! We are all anxious to go upside down right away, but our muscles usually aren't ready. It is important to do the proper conditioning necessary just like with any other sport. Some good exercises to prepare your body are knee tucks, handstands, crucifixes, reverse crucifixes (entered from a reverse handstand), spins and climbs. Practicing about 5-10 knee tucks on each side of the pole will strengthen the muscles needed to invert. Grab onto the pole with your arms and raise your knees to your chest and bring them down just as slowly as you lift them up. Stand on your toes and focus on control. If you can do all of these things, then you are most likely ready to invert. When starting out, I would recommend trying all of this on a static or stationary pole. Safety First.

by Jasmine Grace