Pole Dancing In Shoes

11th Dec 2011

You have many options for pole dancing shoesFive, six, seven inch heels.  Platforms.  Stilettos.  Boots.  You can wear slip-ons, pumps or sandals.  Or you can dance barefoot. 

We recently heard about a dancer who excitedly opened her new shoes -- six-inch open toe red stilettos -- threw them on and immediately fell straight on her back.  It knocked her off her game for an entire month while she healed.  You see, she was normally a barefoot dancer.  There is nothing wrong with dancing barefoot.  If you are not used to wearing shoes, it will feel and look more natural.  The dance will look more smooth, and you won't hear the awkward "clunk" of the heels hitting the ground. 

Pole Dancing Shoes

Your choice in footwear (or lack thereof) definitely does dictate how you dance.  Heels are great for weighing your legs down a little,  and helping you slow down your moves.  Shoes can be very sexy.  However, if you have never walked around in heels before, you may want to practice a little before you throw on your six-inch stilettos and start swinging around the pole (or walking around the kitchen). 

A platform shoe with a chunky heel might be a good starter shoe for those who want to dance in shoes but aren't used to wearing such a high heel.  The platform will make the heel feel like it is not quite so high, and the chunky heel will help you balance while you walk.  Luckily, if you are dancing with your shoes, you have the pole to help you balance.  However, you don't want to hold on for dear life the entire time you are dancing.  Practice walking in your shoes.  If you need to hold on to the pole or a ballet barre, then do it.  As with everything in life, practice makes perfect.  The more you walk in your shoes, the more natural you will be while you dance and the more comfortable you will be walking in them. 

Next up, the only question is, which heels do you choose?  There are many brands out there.  Some have cushions in the bottom, which will also help with comfort.  There are many reasonably-priced shoes, as well, so there is no reason you can't have one pair to match every outfit.  If you order online, you can read reviews from other buyers so you know which are true to size and which are most comfortable. 

Do you like to dance in shoes or barefoot?  If you wear shoes, which types are your favorite?  We'd love to compare stories!