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iTac2 Pole Dancing Grip works like an invisible glove turning every square inch of your hands into a gripping surface. iTac2 will improve control and conserve energy.

iTac2 contains organic beeswax and provides a water repellent surface. iTac2 is a low allergy formula that's easy to apply and long lasting. It will not leave any white residue on your hands and as an organic product it is also very soft on your skin yet provides a very strong and reliable grip. Each 1.6 ounce (45g) tub will provide 50 - 60 applications.

ITac2 is my fave new grip product! [...] I found it doesnt get slippery after your hands sweat like some of the other tacky products like gorilla grip. My new fave! Karol Helms

In the video below Karol Helms is using iTac2. Crowned USPDF Miss Sexy 2010 and Miss Poleapalooza of Charlotte in 2008, she now works as a pole dance instructor and performer. Karol runs her own pole studio, PolePraxis.

"I work at BeSpun, a boutique fitness studio in Hollywood, CA. We ordered iTac2 in the pole dance grip strength because we had used other formulas in the past, but they had not stood up to the rigors of our sport. iTac2 lasts longer, has more grip strength, and does not leave a slippery residue on the pole. The wax formula means that a container lasts longer. We have nothing but great things to say about iTac2. Thank you!! xoxo from the USA" Amy, BeSpun instructor and administrator 


"iTac2 pole grip is brilliant! It provides our girls (and boys) of all levels great grip on the pole, in all types of conditions, all types of poles. This in turn brings confidence & control which makes happy pole dancers!! Great for spinning - great for aerial - great product all round!" Jacquie (aka Sparkarella), Pole Performer & Teacher/Owner Bottoms Up!, Bottoms Up! Burlesque & Pole School 


“Amazing, no mess, no probs, just great contact and control on the pole.” 

“We love it so much, it makes you stick to the pole like spider man, so we’ve nicknamed it spidie grip!” 

“Great for spinning pole, when you need that extra stick factor, iTac2 grip is it” 

“Affordable, effective, no mess. The perfect product for a pole dance professional”. Isadora, Pole Divas


"We use iTac2 for a better grip on the pole. The fine wax film makes your skin sticky and therefore improves the grip. Whether in trainings, contests or pole dance courses, we recommend iTac2 to increase pole dance performance. Simply use iTac2 and nothing can go wrong. " Melanie Mosler, Pole Performer & Teacher/Owner, PoleworkX 


"I tried mentholated spirits (lightweight), shaving cream (messy), rosin (very messy), hairspray (gooey sticky when in conjunction with everything else), but this super sticky stuff solves all those problems" Vanessa professional pole dancer and teacher, Bobbis Pole Studio


"iTac2 is a good pole dancing grip aid, it offers us a range of levels, catering for differing hands" i.e (strength of grip,). "Is easy to wipe off the pole and soothes your hand during the pole workout." SminxiesLaPolePower


"At iSpin we call iTac2 the "Super Grip" for Pole Dancing - it allows us to feel safely gripped on when trying difficult tricks. " Shannon, iSpin 


"Being a small-built Asian lady with tiny hands, many of the hard pole moves eluded me due to poor grip. Thanks to iTac2, it improved my grip tremendously and soon I started achieving one advance move after another. When I introduced iTac2 to other polers, they are often afraid of being too dependent on it, so much so that they won't be able to perform the move without it. On the contrary, I learned that by using a grip aid, and a good one like iTac2 to help achieve the move, I will slowly gain sufficient strength to achieve these moves independently" Ming, pole dance performer and pole fitness instructor, Acro Polates 


"Hi iTac2 Team, Thank u for sending the samples! Your product is amazing I shared it with my friends and we stuck 2 the pole like flies on flypaper!!" Nadia

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  • 5
    works like magic!

    Posted by KL on 4th Mar 2011

    I normally don't use any type of pole dancing grip, I bought this product for my beginner students, but ended up using it myself aswell! pole dancing can be frustrating to a beginner who wants to learn but just cant grip the pole and I find this helps so much! it leaves a little residue on the pole but when you're done you can just wipe it off easily with windex or whatever you clean your pole with. best to clean it the same day though...

  • 5
    When you need that non slip grip control

    Posted by Maryjangel on 4th Mar 2011

    This product will keep you on the pole and off the floor. Works wonders for getting that invert and holding it. Remember, point your toes.

  • 5
    awesome stuff

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2010

    i have a stainless steel pole and when i first got it i found it VERY slippery and I'm not the strongest, therefore was very frustrated i was unable to practice certain moves. i brought itac2 pole wax and the first time i used it i put way 2 much on and it became way too grippe so the next time i use very little and was perfect i am now able to build strenght and practes all my moves.