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Pole Dancing grip to prevent slipping. Easy to use powder.

Pole dancing requires great strength and grip, which is where Mighty Grip shines. Mighty Grip produces a non-slip grip that will reduce slippage and increase the required grip strength. That is why many world Champion Pole Dancers choose Mighty Grip. Mighty Grip will improve your hold on the dance pole, reducing fatigue and risk of injury.

Mighty Grip is a light, odorless, tasteless, and colorless powder which when applied to the skin produces a non-slip grip. It can be applied to any part of the body; hands, feet, thighs, back of legs in order for the newer dancer to be able to maintain proper grip and balance. For the more advanced student, Mighty Grip is even more important in order to do the more intricate and advanced dance movements on the pole. 1/4 ounce of powder. Enough for a 150 hand applications.

Please do not leave Mighty Grip in direct sunlight as this may damage the active ingredients. Mighty Grip is best removed with soap and warm water

Use With Gloves

The powder can be used with pole dancing gloves in the following manner; Apply a small quantity of powder to the hands and then put the gloves on; the powder will keep the gloves from slipping against the skin of the hands and thus will give a better grip on the Pole. The powder can also be used very well with out the gloves and on other parts of the body.

Mighty Grip is best applied after warm ups and stretching as the heat of the body activates the product. The warmer the body the better the action.


Pole Dancing and Mighty Grip go together like Milk & Cookies. I could never have made it to this level of competitive pole dancing without Mighty Grip.
SS - Oklahoma

Our fitness studio recommends Mighty Grip to all our students. It's perfect for both experienced dancers and beginner classes.
Women's Fitness Club - Toronto Canada

Mighty Grip is a perfect aid in pole dancing, it provides an excellent grip on the pole, but doesn't make a mess and is easy to clean up. I highly recommend it.
CM - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Mighty Grip

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  • 5
    Feel Confident to Doing Advanced Moves with Mighty Grip

    Posted by Leelee on 4th Mar 2011

    This product really works.

    It works both when it is cold and the pole feels slippery and when it is hot and your hands are a bit sweaty.

    When you use mighty grip you feel much more confident that you will be able to do that trick that has been challenging you for so long.

    You can use a little bit of it on the back of your knees or elbow creases as well.

  • 5
    No Slip Grip!

    Posted by Sara on 4th Mar 2011

    This is a great product for beginners and those who are more advanced. Mighty Grip offers great grip so you don't need to worry about sweaty palms. best for use on a spinning pole or for upside-down moves!

  • 5
    Not the same without mighty grip!

    Posted by K on 7th Dec 2009

    I got a free bottle of mighty grip when I ordered my x-pole. It works so much better than I had expected. It's perfect for me because I have small hands so gripping is sometimes hard with certain moves, but with just a tiny bit of mighty grip on my hands, I actually feel stronger since it takes less effort to hold myself up.

    Also I find it helps a lot when learning a new move. Sometimes I try to learn a move that I should be able to do but it is too difficult because I keep slipping, so using mighty grip takes away the problem of slipping so I can focus on mastering the move. It works every time!
    Although I got it for free, I know now that it is definitely worth the 10.95$!

  • 5
    I Love It Too

    Posted by Jessica Dale on 12th Sep 2009

    I love this stuff too. I would def recommend it.

  • 5
    I Love This Stuff

    Posted by Marisol Pazmino on 12th Sep 2009

    i love this stuff! I have a 2 bottles :)