Pole Dancing Gloves

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Our pole dancing gloves should be tight fitting… Remember if you're not completely satisfied; just send your pole dancing gloves back for another size! To prevent the pole dancing gloves from slipping against the skin of your hands, apply a small amount of Mighty Grip to the palms of your hand before putting the gloves on.


The back of the hand material is made from four way stretch material (synthetic). For the tack gloves, it is a type of PC material similar to what is used on the boots. For the non-tack gloves the material is synthetic.


Measure your hand with a tape measure around the knuckles of your hand.

Measure your dominant hand - the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.


Size Inches Centimetres
x-small 6 15
small 7 17.5
medim 7 1/2 18.3
large 8



Use With Mighty Grip

These pole dancing gloves can be used with Mighty Grip in the following manner; Apply a small quantity of powder to the hands and then put the gloves on; the powder will keep the gloves from slipping against the skin of the hands and thus will give a better grip on the Pole. The powder can also be used very well with out the gloves and on other parts of the body. Mighty Grip is best applied after warm ups and stretching as the heat of the body activates the product. The warmer the body the better the action.

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  • 4
    Won't slip if you tried to!

    Posted by Tanja on 11th Mar 2011

    Make sure you measure your hands and get the right size this is very important you do not want them too lose or too tight. These are perfect for beginners or for learning new moves. You will absolutely not be able to slip in these if you tried!

  • 2
    Even Non-Tack is too grippy!

    Posted by Lindsay on 10th Mar 2011

    I have the non-tack ones and find them to be way too grippy to do spins. So the tacky ones must be crazy grippy!! They would be ok for stationary moves or maybe for the spinner pole. However they also seem a bit cheaply made. The very first spin I did I could hear the seams straining. So I don't think they will hold up for very long.

  • 4
    Gloves help for practice!

    Posted by Sara on 4th Mar 2011

    I bought both kinds of these gloves the tacky and non-tacky and I have to say I use the tacky gloves much more often. The tacky gloves are great for practicing upside-down moves, especially when I am learning something new and want to know that I am secure, it really helps. The non-tacky gloves are better for spinning on a static pole and still provide adequate grip. I still prefer doing moves without gloves, but to gain the confidence while practicing new moves these gloves are great!

  • 4
    Non-Tacky Gloves

    Posted by Tara on 3rd Mar 2011

    Non-tacky: provides enough grip for spins and tricks. Fits snugly and won’t slip off your hand. Great for long practice sessions and learning new tricks.

  • 5
    Review for "tacky" glove

    Posted by Celeste on 16th Jun 2010

    After tearing the skin off my hands during most heavy practice sessions, I needed something that would protect my hands while allowing adequate movement yet plenty of grip. I ended up purchasing the tacky gloves which proved helpful for gripping exercises, although a bit too sticky for spins. They are better than other leather and synthetic gloves I've tried as those inconsistently stick or slip on the pole.

    I would highly recommend these gloves for anyone with "fleshy" hands, or those who are simply looking for a stickier grip.