Pole Dancing DVD | The Flirt of Lap Dancing

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In this video, Elisabeth Magalhaes of Live Once and Muse Fitness will provide you with clear and detailed instruction on how to perform a sexy lap dance for your significant other.   Elisabeth has taught hundreds of women the art of sensually performing for their partners and results of her classes have earned thumbs up from satisfied husbands, boyfriends and partners everywhere.
Elisabeth Magalhaes is Can Fit Pro certified and has been in the fitness industry for over 17 years as a Group Fitness Leader and Personal Trainer.  Her Pole Dance Instructor  and Pole Fit Certification Workshops are the only ones recognized by Can Fit Pro for continuing education credits in all of Canada.  With a background in Ballet, Modern and jazz, she has developed a fun, safe and comprehensive Pole Dance and Fitness program.  At her successful studio Live Once, she has had the pleasure of instructing hundreds of women in the art of Pole Dance. As a mother of three herself, Elisabeth recognizes the importance of not only taking care of ones family, but how important it is for women to make time for themselves physically, mentally and emotionally too.  Elisabeth hopes you enjoy this DVD and find it informative and fun.

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