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Leigh Ann Orsi's instructional Pole Dance Workout DVD - Box Set. This includes 3 DVDs Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Leigh Ann’s Pole Dance Workout takes you seamlessly through a sexy warm up, five pole dance combinations, free dance, and flexibility training. These DVDs features Leigh Ann’s industry secrets and BeSpun studio unique pole dance technique and philosophy. Students will learn valuable tools for creating beautiful tricks, seductive movement, and amazing confidence.
Leigh Ann’s Pole Dance Workout – Beginner. This DVD focuses on basic footwork, elementary spins, and introductory sits.
Leigh Ann’s Pole Dance Workout- Intermediate. The combinations in this DVD build upon skills taught in our Beginner video. Students learn to diversify spins and climb the pole, also included: pole inverts, handstands, and leg holds.
Leigh Ann’s Pole Dance Workout- Advanced. The Advanced DVD teaches complex spins and a variety of sophisticated moves focusing on creative mounts and multiple tricks in combination. We conclude our lesson with the renowned “extended butterfly”.

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