Pole Dancing Circle of Sisterhood

6th Mar 2012

Marilyn Rainville Pole DancingThere is an amazing group of women, all over the world, who are coming together for one reason. We are all Grande Dames, passionate about the aerial arts, who have come together to support each other. In interviewing a few of the ladies, we all agree that whatever our individual reasons are for starting pole dance, it has changed our life. “Pole has changed my life, I love every aspect of it – the strength, the flexibility and the creative aspect of dreaming up routines”Heather Lord. At our age, it may take us longer to get that elusive move or that desired flexibility, but we have all become stronger in both body and mind and age fades into just another number, if only for a short time, while we free-dance around the pole.

I started taking pole dance at the age of 50. I am now 57. Pole has given me a confidence I never had before. It has also helped me over-come issues with scoliosis. I am a lot stronger on the long, weak side of my spine because of the strength I have built on the pole; although Iron-X is still my nemesis and a work in progress.

Maureen Metzer, age 53, was diagnosed with breast cancer and told she would need a bilateral mastectomy. “I credit pole dance with making it easier to accept and deal with that fact. Being involved in pole dance already boosted my self-esteem and I was confident that my breasts had nothing to do with my being feminine or sexy. Pole dance and its community has been a blessing in my life.”

Kelly Galloway, age 48first started attending pole classes about two years ago, weighing 269lbs & dealing with serious neck & knee injuries & severe depression; it was a struggle for her just to walk up a flight of stairs. But, thanks to that decision, just a few short months later she found herself weighing 40+kg less & tackling advanced pole moves. Now, two years later, she weighs just 159lbs & in the best physical & emotional shape of her life.

Cynthia Poleaddix Wilson, age 56 has been pole dancing for 7 years. Pole helped her overcome both arthritis and fibromyalgia. She is no longer in pain 24/7. In addition, it has helped her overcome her fear of heights.

I think Marcella Firenze, Pole Instructor sums it up. “I am blessed to teach several women in their 50’s. We all get excited to watch the bendy, beautiful young stars of pole. But to me the real excitement comes when you see a mature dancer rediscover, or find for the first time, her flexibility, her strength, and her voice. Funny how the Circle of Sisterhood has been strengthened by a circular piece of metal.”

By Marilyn Rainville