Pole Convention 2012 - 3 Amazing Days

15th Jul 2012

It's Never Too Late To Start Dancing ♫ Gitchi gitchi ya ya da da ♫

How do you pull 8 women together from all over the U.S., who have never met, to put a group performance together in less than 30 days? I contacted Becca Armijo (of The Pole Dancing Shop). As we are both advocates for “mature” women in the art of pole, it just felt right to collaborate on a group performance. Within a week, eight beautiful women agreed to perform. From the first time we met on Saturday, at Dress Rehearsal, you could feel the energy, excitement and yes…. stress! We had less than 24 hours to show time. What I loved about our group was how supportive everyone was in helping each other. What a blessing to be part of such an amazing group of ladies. Marilyn Rainville - International Pole Fitness for Grande Dames

Eight years ago when I took my first pole dance class I never imaged how much it would change my life. My journey through the world of pole has made me strong, inside and out. I have met many women who are supportive and inspiring. Being able to share my passion with women of like minds at Pole Convention has heightened my love of pole. The love and support from all who attended the Group Performance show was just one of the highlights for me. I have met new pole sisters, Pumas & Grande Dames. Becca Armijo - Pole Pumas and The Pole Dancing Shop


Photo: Left to Right Sondra Creed, Jennifer Van Deausen, Greta Pontarelli, Marilyn Rainville, Becca Armijo, Sonya Thompson, Nancy Mayer, Christine Hebestadt

Sondra Creed - “Our weekend together was a phenomenal union and demonstration of what women can achieve. It was over-the-top fun filled with creativity and unity with every team member bringing something powerful to the group to make our performance a wonderful success!

Jennifer Van Deausen - “All odds were against us. The convention was a blur, because all we could focus on was our moment in the spot light. One word..."solidarity." It was crazy, fantastic, amazing, stressful, exhausting, and exhilarating. I loved it.”

Greta Pontarelli - “I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with some incredible people at Pole Convention. One of the crown jewels was performing with the incendiary Grande Dames and Pole Pumas. The empowering energy of the group ignited the crowd from the very first note and when they finished, the audience was on their feet. They are a wonderful reminder that age doesn't have to limit us, but like fine wine, we can develop character and blossom with age.

Christine Hebestadt - I loved the non-judgmental attitude and support all the women have for each other. No matter what size, shape, background or age. They aren't just pole dancers; they are strong and confident women in all aspects of their lives.

Sonya Thompson - The camaraderie was phenomenal! Even though I was very nervous, the love & support from the audience was electric and extremely encouraging. I hope we inspired ladies of all ages to get involved in pole fitness. It's never too late to become fit, sexy & strong!