Making History In The Pole Industry

10th Feb 2013

Jacqueline Pole DancingI think of my dances as a piece of work and telling a story. I want to make a difference in the industry.

I have only been involved in the pole world about a year and a half but I am trying hard to make a difference. I held my own pole event for charity at my studio Elegant Body Pilates in Gainesville, FL. It was a night of fun in my mothers name Angelina Marie Valdez who passed away from a rare disease Scleroderma. All donations were made to the Scleroderma foundation. I choreographed and instructed all my students where the various numbers where they performed pole, burlesque and zumba. We raised almost a 1000. From this event ! It was the first time a charity event for the Scleroderma foundation and having pole involved took place in Gainesville.

The most recent accomplishment I have created a dance collaborating with opera singer Jason Rex . We have created an eclectic flavor of a modern, pole and ballet dance while Jason is singing opera live to a classical-hip hop flavor background of music . This has never been done before in the pole industry! We are making history !!! It is very cool and very exciting to show others this beautiful art form.

It all started only a few months ago. I discovered the song which I fell in love with immediately and began the choreography process. Jason moved back to Florida and immediately I knew I wanted him involved. The more time we spent together the more the pieced evolved. The piece just kept growing. We both felt a story line coming on and decided to go with it ,everything just fell into place.

Jacqueline Pole Dancing

We privately premiered this dance at my studio Elegant Body pilates which my students, friends and members from the Gainesville community had the opportunity to watch us perform. I am so excited to see where my journey in the pole industry will take me .

It is only the beginning and I feel like there is so much more ahead of me. I can not wait to see this industry grow and see myself grow as a dancer, teacher, performer and pole dancer . Thank you pole world for embracing me with open arms !!!!

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