Making A Pole Dancing Mission Statement

16th Apr 2013

I love January!  It’s when every pole dancer from beginner to professional is injected with passion, hope and determination for the upcoming year.  The New Year usually means new goals, whether learning to invert, new aerial combos or improving dance and flow, there is always something a pole dancer can work on.  Before you finalize your list of goals for the year, consider an added component:  a Pole Dancing Mission Statement!

A Pole Dancing Mission Statement is a concise tagline or theme for the year to keep you focused. For example, I have been going to physiotherapy the past month and have been advised to slow down and rebuild the strength in my hip and pelvis and increase my flexibility.  I have basically hit a ‘wall’ in terms of what I can physically do until I rebuild my body.  I made my mission statement for the year to be Rebuilding the Foundation.  I have a list of pole moves that I would like to learn as well, but if I am not accomplishing them as quickly as I would like, I can remind myself of my mission statement.  This year is rebuilding and taking care of my body, not accomplishing certain pole tricks.

A mission statement is also important because it will keep you feeling positive throughout the year.  It’s common for pole dancers to put all their self-worth on whether or not they can do one specific move.  This is not a healthy mentality, and it takes the fun out of learning if you are only happy when you accomplish that move.  Your mission statement will remind you of your general goal for the year, and will keep practices, performances, and competitions positive and fun!

Brigitte Boyes Pole DancingWhat do you want to do this year?  Here are a few suggestions to help you with your mission statement!

  • To learn aerial moves: Learning to Fly  or Soaring to New Heights
  • To build strength:  Entering Beast-Mode!  or Building the Basics
  • To embrace new styles: Exploring the Exotic  or Beauty in Contemporary
  • To learn to love yourself: Appreciation from Within  or Embracing My Individuality
  • To enter a showcase or competition: Entering the Spotlight  or Confidence through Performance

Whatever mission statement you choose, remember to keep it short, focused and have a powerful meaning to you.  It will keep you on track the whole year as you move towards your accomplishments!

I wish you all the best in the New Year!!

-Brigitte Boyes, ClubMynx Fitness, Inc