Lil' Mynx "Rotator" Polished Stainless Pole

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The "Rotator" has a smart designed bearing assembly in the base that allows the pole to rotate freely. It also has a lockout pin that will lock the pole into place and make the pole stationary when desired. It's like 2 poles in 1! The polished stainless steel Lil' Mynx "Rotator" is a one-piece high polished stainless steel pole. It looks just like chrome.

The Stainless Lil' Mynx Rotator comes with a black base and Stainless slider tube (the smaller adjustable tube that couples the ceiling mount). It comes standard for an 8'-10' ceiling with hardware pack for use on carpeted floors. If you are going to use this on a hardwood floor (or other non-carpeted floor), you will need to also purchase the a Non-skid Floor Pad.

This pole is also available in your choice of Red, White, Black or Pink.

"I appreciate Lil' Mynx for her products, safety and customer service, having personally owned a pole since 1994... Poles have come a long way since 94; thanks to Lil' Mynx!" Fawnia Mondey-Dietrich Exotic Dance School

"I have worked with Lil' Mynx for over four years – I love their pole… What can I say – she's the best pole on the market!" Sheila Kelley - S Factor

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