Is Pole Dancing For Every Woman?

22nd Nov 2012

Is Pole Dancing For Every Woman?

The handspring, summersault, tumble, suicide dive… fun, challenging, yet crazy, death-defying tricks! This is one of the reason’s pole dancing is so satisfying. Women are setting personal goals, and then working our bodies consistently week after week in order to overcome these new challenges. That’s one of the reasons why so many women come back to pole dancing time and time again. We are always challenged.

Thanks to YouTube, Pole Dancing DVDs and Facebook, we have a whole new curriculum available online to inspire and drive us. Not to mention, attending workshops with professional pole dancers that amaze us and propel us even further. As an instructor at Unveiled Fitness in Orange County, CA, I see women bust their butts during the warm-up, enduring song after song of abs and planks, then trying to perfect a trick or movement with fervor. They are pushing their bodies further than they thought possible. It is both inspiring and humbling.

Kelly Pole Dancing

Yet, this can be intimidating as well, thoughts like, “What if I get hurt? Could I fall? Am I too old or too heavy to do some of these tricks?” What about the women who decide they don’t want to risk being injured or they are just afraid to try certain tricks? Is there a place for women in pole class who want to be fit, have fun, dance, do a few tricks, let go of some stress and then get back to their daily life?

Yes! Pole dancing has become so popular because it is for every woman! Pole dancing evokes images of our time as young girls on the playground, whipping our hair, feeling like we are flying, and enjoying our body’s movement. It also allows us to tend to our own well-being and enjoy the company of like-minded women. We give so much to our families, our jobs, our friends, that just connecting to ourselves, feeling our emotions and pushing our bodies past our expectations is a luxury and necessity at the same time. Our workouts are fun and something we look forward to. The pole tricks may get women into the door, but what keeps us hooked is the unique way we express ourselves through the movement.

The tricks are amazing for sure, but what really takes my breath away is the grace and flow of the movement, slow, sensual, indulgent and intoxicating. The small gestures unique to each woman allow a peek at who we are inside. The dancing is an expression of our feelings, a glimpse into our soul. It is a gift we women give ourselves and it is an honor to be a part of it. I am privileged to see vulnerabilities, strength, and one’s truest nature. So whether there are pole tricks or not, the most beautiful part of pole dancing is that women reveal themselves.

What keeps you in pole? Is it the tricks, movement or both? What tricks challenge you the most? Do you feel it is for “every woman”? What are your thoughts?

Story by: Kelly Wensley is a teacher at Unveiled Fitness in Laguna Hills, CA with over 5 years experience teaching women to express themselves and have fun through pole dancing.