International Pole Championship 2012

14th Mar 2012

On March 15, 2012, some of the best pole dancers in the world will be gathering in Hong Kong for International Pole Dance Fitness Association's International Pole Championship.

The finalists include:

Women's Division

Mai Sato International Pole Championships
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CHELLE HAFNER ~ Australia: Chelle is the current Asia Pacific Freestyle Women’s Pole Dance Champion and the current Miss Pole Dance Queensland.

ALISA PLESKOVA ~ Israel: Alisa took first place in both the Pole Sport International Championship (May 2011, Saint Petersburg, Russia) and European Pole Dance Championship (Sept 2011, Moscow, Russia).

ALESSANDRA MARCHETTI ~ Italy: In 2011, Allessandra took first place in the Italian Pole Championships, third place in the European Pole Dance Championship, and was a finalist in the World Pole Dance Championships, Budapest.

NATASHA WANG ~ United States: Natasha holds the titles of US Pole Dance Champion 2011, USPDF West Coast Champion 2010, California Pole Dance Champion 2010, and East Meets West Miss Pole-AM 2010.

ZORAYA JUDD ~ United States: Zoraya won Best Tricks in the 2011 Aerial Pole International Championships and Best Entertainer for the World Pole Dance Championships.

LAURENCE HILSUM ~ France: Lolo took first place in the 2011 French Pole Dance Competition, second place in the Pole Art Competition, second place in the World Pole Dance Competition, and fourth place in Aerial Pole International.

CLEO ~ Australia: Cleo the Hurricane is Miss Pole Dance Australia for 2011.

RAFAELA MONTANARO ~ Brazil: Rafaela is the 2010 Pole Fit Champion for the The International Pole Championship.

OONA KIVELA ~ Finland: Oona took first place in the 2011 Pole World Cup and also took first in the International Pole Art Competition.

TRACEY SIMMONDS ~ UK: Although she now lives in South Africa, Tracey has previously taken first place in Miss Pole Dance UK (including Best Performer and Best Tricks) and was a finalist in the World Pole Sport & Fitness Competition.

LENA GRZEGOLEC ~ Australia: Lena was first runner up for Miss Pole Dance Singapore in 2011.

TESSA YUNG ~ Hong Kong: Tessa won Elite Pole Champion and Pole Fit Champion for the 2011 HK China Pole Championships.

Men's Division

Duncan West International Pole Championships
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DAVID HELMEN ~ Australia: David was the second runner up for 2011 Asia Pacific Pole Championships - Men’s Freestyle Division.

JOB BAUTISTA ~ Philippines: Job took first place in the 2011 SG Pole Challenge - Open Category.

WILSON ALEXANDER ~ Colombia: Wilson began pole dance training in May 2011, had his first performance at the 2011 Miss Pole Dance Medellin then Miss Pole Dance in Colombia in July 2011.

CHRIS MEASDAY ~ Australia: Chris was a finalist in the 2011 Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships - Men's Freestyle Division.

PATRYK RYBARSKI ~ Poland: Patryk teaches pole dance at Oh LaLa Studio and, pole dances "because dance converts the energy in to the image and the energy allows you to fly."

ADAM TAN ~ Malaysia: Adam is the Pole Fit Champion for IPC 2010.

SAULO SARMIENTO ~ France: Saulo is the 2011 Champion of Pole Dance of France.

Doubles Division

MATTY & SHIMMY ~ Australia: Matty and Shimmy first performed doubles together at the Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships 2011, where they came in third. They competed again at Worlds in Budapest in 2011, and again took third place.

ENCHANTED ~ Australia: Tiffany and Ruth won the doubles division of the 2011 Pole Candy Semi-Pro Championships, and then went on to become the Asia Pacific Pole Dance Open Pairs Champions for 2011.

MASAYO & KAZUYA ~ Japan: Masayo and Zazuya took second place in the Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championship, Doubles Division, were finalists in the 2011 International Pole Dance Competition ”Pole Universe” Showcase category, and were finalists in the 2011 World Sport Pole Championship, Doubles Division.

LIYE & NAOMI ~ Japan: Liye and Naomi met in 2010 at a pole dance studio in Tokyo. Tthey found that they shared a strong passion for combining pole with dance, and went on to perform together at a number of local shows in Tokyo.

NATALIIA & JIMMY ~ Hong Kong: Nataliia and Jimmy become dance partners two years ago. In the summer of 2011, Nataliia convinced Jimmy to try pole dance and encouraged him to enter IPC.

CARLIE & TRAVIS ~ Australia: Carlie and Travis met when they joined forces 8 months ago in the Pure Pole Elements. This is their first competition together.

Disabled Division

ERI KAMIMOTO ~ Japan: Eri has difficulty hearing and is the Ultimate Champion for the 2010 International Pole Championship, Disabled Division.

DEB ROACH ~ Australia: Deb has only one arm. Friends encouraged Deb to start pole dancing in 2007. Eighteen months later, Deb won an amateur pole dancing title.

Check out a preview of the amazing performances:

It looks like this will be an exciting competition! Who are you rooting for?

Post Competition Update...

The Pole Dancing Shop would like to congratulate the winners of IPC 2012!

POLE FIT: Pole Fit Champion is awarded to the competitor who demonstrates the most original, strong and creative pole tricks and combinations whilst using flawless technique and smooth transitions combined with dance/movement in an entertaining routine. Judges will be looking for pole moves and combination that display a high degree of difficulty.

Women's Pole Fit: Winner - Rafaela Montanaro
Women's Pole Fit: Runner up - Tracey Simmonds
Men's Pole Fit: Winner - Adam Tan
Men's Pole Fit: Runner up - Albert Job Bautista
Doubles Pole Fit: Winner - Enchanted Pole Performance (Tiffany Downes and Ruth Mansfield)
Doubles Pole Fit: Runner up - Matty Shields and Michelle Shimmy

POLE ART: Pole Art Champion is awarded to the competitor who performs a routine that is more performance based. They are expected to perform a themed routine in which they will develop a character and tell a story. The performance and routine should be more focused on movement to music, showmanship, interpretation of their song and creative choreography. The competitor is still expected to show a high level of skill and technique on the pole but the performance side of the routine is where the majority of points will be awarded.

Women's Pole Art: Winner - Laurence Hilsum
Women's Pole Art: Runner up - Zoraya Judd
Men's Pole Art: Winner - Wilson Alexander
Men' Pole Art: Runner up - Patryk Rybarski
Doubles Pole Art: Winner - Masayo Okamoto and Kazuya Naka
Doubles Pole Art: Runner up - Liye Akatsuka and Naomi King

ULTIMATE: Ultimate Pole Champion is awarded to the competitor who demonstrates a high level of skill, strength, flexibility, flow, technical ability and showmanship in both categories of Pole Fit and Pole Art and overall, scores the highest number of points.

Women's Ultimate Pole Champion: Oona Kivelä
Men's Ultimate Pole Champion: Chris Measday
Doubles Ultimate Pole Champion: Carlie Hunter and Travis Scott
Disabled Ultimate Pole Champion: Deb Roach


First - Wilson Alexander
Second - Zoraya Judd
Third - Natasha Wang


IPDFA Pole Industry Award: KT Coates
IPDFA Studio of the Year: BeSpun
IPDFA Instructor of the Year: Elena Gibson
IPDFA Choreographer of the Year: Kelly Yvonne and Carlie Hunter