Fulfilling Your Pole Dancing Wish List

23rd Dec 2012

Robert Carstensen Pole DancingThe great thing about pole is that it stimulates the mind, body and soul. The holidays will come and go, and some of us will set New Years Resolutions. So, let's talk about that pole wish list!

Do you like to dance in shoes or barefoot? Even barefoot, there are products like Dance Paws or FootUndeez to help protect the bottoms of your feet as you dance. And if you wear shoes, the possibilities are ENDLESS. Do you like a nice stiletto? A chunky platform? Do you wear boots? Knee high? Thigh high? Have you ever thought of trying something new?

How about your pole dancing clothes? Do you wear a bikini? Do you prefer more pole-oriented fitness clothing? Shorts and a tank top? Do you like to dress it up with tutus and feather boas? Don't you love how the further you advance, the less clothing you actually need?

It is amazing how versatile pole dancing is. You can see people dance to classical music. And then you'll see someone bust out the best stripper-style routine to Rob Zombie. It is another thing that makes pole so special. Your music can span so many different genres. Some days you might be in the mood for soft and pretty. Other days, you might feel like getting loud and raunchy. What types of music are on your pole playlist?

Worried about dry skin? Pole Physics is made for pole dancers! Many dancers also swear by the Vaseline Intensive Care line. Maybe you can't put it on while you're driving to the studio, but you certainly don't have to destroy your silk sheets with your lizard skin. What is your secret to happy skin, especially on pole days?

Hands too dry? You slip off the pole. Hands too sweaty? You slip off the pole. Luckily, there are a bunch of products on the market now to help you. Mighty Grip, Dew Point, iTac, Dry Hands, Tite-Grip, shave cream, spray deodorant, rosin (aerial silks glue). Each one targets a slightly different issue to help you stick better to the pole. Which product(s) do you use to make efficient use of your pole time?

If certain pole moves are on your pole wish list, then you know what to do. As Michelle Stanek says, "if you want to get better at pole dance, pole dance more!" Work on all aspects of pole. Get stronger. Learn to flow better. Become comfortable free dancing. And don't forget to allow yourself time to recover. Tell us about your pole move wish list and what you're doing to reach your goals.

If you don't live near a studio, then maybe pole dancing DVDs are on your pole wish list. There are so many DVDs to help you learn. Pole dance, chair dance, burlesque, stretching, flexibilty, strength-training. If you hate the gym, you can do it all from home! Have you used any DVDs to learn new moves for pole?

Our pole wish list could go on and on and on. But what we love most is hearing what YOU are looking for to fill your pole bag. Tell us about everything on your wish list and which goals you wish to accomplish in the new year. Happy holidays to you and yours from The Pole Dancing Shop! We wish you a safe New Years and we are looking forward to another poletastic year in 2013!

Article credit: Lori Myers
Photo credit: Robert Carstensen as Santa at Twirly Girls Pole Fitness. Liquidpulp Photography, December 2012.