Excuse Me, That's My Pole

29th May 2012

Lori Myers Pole DancingRecently, we posted about how pole dancing can be a very mental sport.  It is funny how we get set in our ways.  We drive the same routes each day.  We have our favorite outfits and shoes.  When we arrive at class, whether it is pole, yoga or any other class, we like to claim "our" spot.  We like our mat in the back, dark corner, or we like the pole furthest from the air conditioning vent. 

What happens when you arrive at class and someone is in your spot?  Sometimes that pushes you right out of your comfort zone.  And that's not always a bad thing!

I realize each studio is completely different, but where I dance, we have many different types of poles.  We have both Platinum Stages and X-Pole.  There are 50 mm and 45 mm poles.  We also have a couple of different finishes.  I had a spot.  I don't know how I got "my" spot but it became mine after a year or more of taking classes.  Then one day, someone was in my spot.  A new girl.  I wasn't going to ask her to move.  She was already shy and uncomfortable about being in a pole studio.  The big burly Viking Warrior didn't need to come and bully her out of her quietly claimed piece of real estate.  So I danced somewhere else.  You know what I figured out?  I stuck better to another pole.  I have now danced on every single pole in that studio.  And you know what?  I like them all on different days for different reasons.  I no longer have a spot.  Because the whole studio is my spot!

If we weren't open to trying something new, then most of us would not have tried pole dancing in the first place.  However, some of us quickly move back into the routine of keeping everything the same once we are comfortable in our classes.  So my challenge to each of you is to step out of your comfort zone during your next class.  Wear something different.  Try shoes.  Dance to a new genre of music.  Or ... *gasp* ... try a different pole.  Then come back here to The Pole Dancing Shop and tell us about your experience.  You never know what you might learn about yourself when you push a few boundaries!

Photo credit:  Rita and Lori at Twirly Girls Pole Fitness, by Liquidpulp Photography