Sorry/Not Sorry!

Sorry/Not Sorry!

Posted by Claudia Choi on 24th Jul 2017

I taught a class a couple of months ago where the students kept apologizing for every mistake they made. It puzzled me because I thought they were making great progress, but all they saw was fai … read more

Pole Dancing In 2012: The Year Of Personal Expression

7th Feb 2012

I’m just an amateur dancer with a desire to discover my full potential. Last year I found myself reaching a point of boredom. I wasn’t motivated. I was bored with my music. I was still vie … read more

Pole Dancing Interview with Josiah 'Bad Azz' Grant

18th Oct 2010

He's bendy, he's fluid, and yes I said "He". Male pole dancers are fast on the rise and one competitor is leading the way.  Dont blink you just might miss something "Badd Azz". [TPDS] Do yo … read more

Allegra - MPD Aust 2010 - Vaudeville Circus 'Snow Dance'

25th Aug 2010

Current Miss Pole Dance Australia, Allegra, give a special Vaudeville Circus 'Snow Dance' performance. The song is from Edward Scissor hands. Allegra says "My performance at the Vaudeville Circus. I … read more