Pole Dancing Moves - History of the Spatchcock

11th Jan 2012

One of the most amazing moves I have seen in pole dancing is the spatchcock.  It requires a huge amount of strength and flexibility.  I really don't even know how I could describe it with wo … read more

Shoeholics: A Love Affair With All Things Shoes

5th Jan 2012

You love how a pair of good shoes can make you look. You love how they up the glam quotient of your outfit in hot minute. You think there is no such thing as too many shoes. Your wet dreams consist of … read more

Pole Dancing - A Form of Healing

30th Dec 2011

by Monica Rouff Student at Pole Dance Fitness of SWFL, in Bonita Fl. A year ago October, my younger sister called & told me that she had stumbled onto an ad for a Pole dance studio that had just … read more

A Brief History Of Pole Dance

28th Dec 2011

"If for some reason, the idea of your dancing being connected to the strip club scene is upsetting to you, if you desperately need to distance what you do from what those 'other girls' do, if you trul … read more

Pole Dancing Mamas

18th Dec 2011

by Anonymous Last night while at my chiropractor's office, the resident massage therapist was telling me a story of how her daughter told a school friend that her mommy "rubbed naked people for a liv … read more