Pro Competitors vs. Pole Fitness for Fun

23rd Feb 2012

Recently, The Pole Dancing Shop was in Southern California for BeSpun's Pole Show LA.  We sat down with various pro competitor pole dancers and learned a lot about their journey to the pole.&nbsp … read more

Pole Dancing Around The World

13th Feb 2012

Not too long ago, we briefly discussed the history of pole dance.  We discovered that, although dancing around a pole of sorts has roots older than time, modern pole dance studios have only been … read more

Pole Dancing In 2012: The Year Of Personal Expression

7th Feb 2012

I’m just an amateur dancer with a desire to discover my full potential. Last year I found myself reaching a point of boredom. I wasn’t motivated. I was bored with my music. I was still vie … read more

Pole Show LA 2012

15th Jan 2012

The Pole Dancing Shop is proud to be an Official Sponsor of the Pole Show LA 2012 On Saturday, January 28, 2012, BeSpun is hosting its annual Pole Show LA. Located in Hollywood, BeSpun is known for … read more

Pole and Motherhood - Answering Questions

13th Jan 2012

by Monica Rouff Student at Pole Fitness of SWFL, Bonita, FL There seems to be a reoccurring line of questioning when people find out that I am a pole dancer. “Don’t you have a child?&rdqu … read more