Miss SWA Pole Comp 2012

17th Apr 2012

Thank to the 500+ people for joining us this evening or morning wherever you may be. This event has now concluded. Recordings of the event are being uploaded to YouTube and are available below as we a … read more

Promote Your Pole Dancing Studio with Social Media

21st Mar 2012

If you own or manage a pole dancing studio, chances are you’re already using Social Media and if you’re not – start now! To build a successful business in today’s challenging f … read more

International Pole Championship 2012

14th Mar 2012

On March 15, 2012, some of the best pole dancers in the world will be gathering in Hong Kong for International Pole Dance Fitness Association's International Pole Championship. The finalists include: … read more

Pole Dancing Circle of Sisterhood

6th Mar 2012

There is an amazing group of women, all over the world, who are coming together for one reason. We are all Grande Dames, passionate about the aerial arts, who have come together to support each other. … read more

Pole Dancing Moves - Practicing Safe Inversions

6th Mar 2012

When I began pole dancing I often heard the phrase, "Do not kick into your inverts!" This was confusing to me because it looked like nearly everyone kicked into their basic inverts online. But there i … read more