Discussing Categories of Pole Dance

24th Jul 2012

There has been a push by some to take the "sexy" out of pole and create a fitness or tricks based style of vertical gymnastics in order to get our sport into the Olympics.  That got us at The Pol … read more

Pole Convention 2012 - 3 Amazing Days

15th Jul 2012

It's Never Too Late To Start Dancing ♫ Gitchi gitchi ya ya da da ♫ How do you pull 8 women together from all over the U.S., who have never met, to put a group performance together in less than 30 day … read more

The Stature of a Pole Dancing Champ

4th Jul 2012

When you hear names like Jenyne Butterfly, Alethea Austin, KT Coates, Marlo and Steven Retchless, you think of amazing form, straight lines, beautiful aesthetic and probably big egos. But that’s … read more

What's Your Pole Niche?

19th Jun 2012

The most fantastic thing about pole dancing is the fact that everyone is different and each dancer has their strong suit.  Some are amazing at the flow and dance. Some love pulling off jaw-droppi … read more

Excuse Me, That's My Pole

29th May 2012

Recently, we posted about how pole dancing can be a very mental sport.  It is funny how we get set in our ways.  We drive the same routes each day.  We have our favorite outfits and sho … read more