Is Pole Dancing For Every Woman?

22nd Nov 2012

Is Pole Dancing For Every Woman? The handspring, summersault, tumble, suicide dive… fun, challenging, yet crazy, death-defying tricks! This is one of the reason’s pole dancing is so sati … read more

Keeping the Pole Dance Industry Healthy

7th Nov 2012

We were saddened to hear this week that one of our clothing suppliers, Pole Skivvies, will no longer be making their specialized pole dance friendly clothing. Although we don't believe the bad economy … read more

Pole Warm-Up: Stretching Doesn't Count

30th Sep 2012

I have attended a few pole jams lately where pole dancers from different studios get together to dance and teach each other fun tricks. I have been surprised by the number of people who seem to think … read more

Marry A Girl Who Poles

30th Sep 2012

Marry a girl who poles. Marry a girl who spends her money on pole dance classes instead of clothes. She doesn’t have problems with closet space because her pole wardrobe consists of booty shorts … read more