Pole Sport Organization Competitions

24th Jan 2013

As the pole community continues to grow, so do your options if you'd like to compete. A short time ago, in the United States, your competition options were essentially limited to USPDF and APFC. The M … read more

Fulfilling Your Pole Dancing Wish List

23rd Dec 2012

The great thing about pole is that it stimulates the mind, body and soul. The holidays will come and go, and some of us will set New Years Resolutions. So, let's talk about that pole wish list! Do yo … read more

Pole Dance To Be Strong

18th Dec 2012

I remember my doctor telling me once to stop weight training and start hitting the treadmill if I wanted to lose weight. I was a little surprised -- he looked like a bit of a meathead himself with his … read more

Coming Out of the Pole Dance Closet

30th Nov 2012

There are many variations of pole dance. Some of us came from dance backgrounds, so those genres influence how we pole: ballet, lyrical, hip hop…and so on. Some of us embrace the sexy side. Som … read more

Pole Dancing and Your Significant Other

30th Nov 2012

Earlier this year, I did a lap dance performance for my fellow students at pole dancing class.  I had been trying to raise awareness and secure donations for my friend's bike ride in the AIDS Lif … read more