What Are Your Pole Goals?

27th Feb 2013

From our first spin around the pole to our first jade split (well, that may only be an option for some of us), pole dancing is very much about building a good foundation and setting pole goals. Pole … read more

Pole Dancing In Your Mind

27th Feb 2013

There has been much discussion about the mental side of pole dancing here on The Pole Dancing Shop's blog.  Check out "Overcoming Your Pole Dancing Fears", "Pole Dancing Mamas" or "Powerful Bodie … read more

Static Versus Spinning Poles

27th Feb 2013

As you continue your adventures in pole dancing, you may start to notice that some dancers are using static (stationary) poles and some are using spinning ("spinny") poles.  If you are purchasing … read more

Hosting Pole Instructors From Around The World

15th Feb 2013

Have you ever attended a workshop with an instructor from another country?  It is so exciting.  Learning techniques and moves that might not be as common in your territory.  Hearing the … read more

Making History In The Pole Industry

10th Feb 2013

I think of my dances as a piece of work and telling a story. I want to make a difference in the industry. I have only been involved in the pole world about a year and a half but I am trying hard to m … read more