Stylistic Diversity in Pole Dance - Friend or Foe?

15th Dec 2011

As the Australian competition season comes to a close, it is notable to acknowledge the variety of styles and styles of competitions out there.  If five years ago you would have told me what t … read more

Pole Dancing In Shoes

11th Dec 2011

You have many options for pole dancing shoes.  Five, six, seven inch heels.  Platforms.  Stilettos.  Boots.  You can wear slip-ons, pumps or sandals.  Or you can dance ba … read more

Overcoming Your Pole Dancing Fears

24th Nov 2011

I’ve been pole dancing for 2 and a half years and from the moment I started, I’ve been overcoming fears. When I first started it was the fear of the unknown. I wasn’t sure what to ex … read more

Love for Pole is a Lack of Rigidity

24th Nov 2011

I come across posts on social media sites and in pole periodicals, and lately I have noticed an increase in negative comments aimed at the sensual style of pole dancing, and how these styles are holdi … read more

Battle of the Pole Dance Studios 2011 - The Aftermath

22nd Nov 2011

By LuAyne Brown The Pole Dancing Shop was an Official Sponsor of Battle of the Pole Dance Studios for the Second Year Running. Its been a week after the event and I am still on an adrenaline high fr … read more