Battle of the Pole Dance Studios 2011 - The Aftermath

22nd Nov 2011

By LuAyne Brown

The Pole Dancing Shop was an Official Sponsor of Battle of the Pole Dance Studios for the Second Year Running.

Pole Dancer : Battle of the Pole Dance StudiosIts been a week after the event and I am still on an adrenaline high from that night. I am so proud of every group who participated, everyone who helped and even myself. I totally deserved a huge pat on the back from running the event.

I'll start you from the morning - before the event started. I got some decent amount of rest and was up and at ‘em the morning of. Got myself together to head to the airport. I had to pick up our special guest - Nicki Shaw. I got her from the airport and she didnt have to be where she was teaching her workshop until 2:30 pm. It was about 11 am when we left the airport. Nicki, not being here before want to do some sightseeing while we had time. I took her to Baltimore, it was only 20 min from the airport. I found a spot to park in the city and we walked around the Inner Harbor. It was such a great day to take a walk there, the weather so great. We got to talk about anything and everything. She is such a cool chick!! She did some street poling as well. We searched far and wide to get a decent street pole.

After our walk we hopped back in my car and we were off the Bethesda so she could teach. We got to the wonderful Chic Phyisque and met the wonderful staff there. While she was teaching I had decided to stay in the area since it was only an hour and then we would head to the venue. I took a walk to the world famous Georgetown Cupcake. They have a location in Bethesda. That walk alone was totally what I needed. It was me alone with my thoughts and a great time to clear my mind before the craziness would begin. My kids didnt know but I was going to buy cupcakes for them if they behaved for my sister while my husband and I were at the Battle. I got back in time as Nicki was finishing her workshop. We got back in my MINI Cooper and headed to DC.

While we were heading to DC, Jessalynn and her crew showed up to The District to set up her X-Stages. I cant tell you how much of an inspiration shes been to me. She used to be my instructor when I first started taking pole and thanks to her putting together the Pole Convention, we would not even have a Battle. My husband and a good friend of ours showed up in time to help Jessalynn and crew set up. The girls from her studio (Pole Pressure DC) were already there practicing and warming up. I knew these girls meant business.

My helpers and I got to work, I assigned jobs, had people sign waivers thing of that nature. I had sat down my outline for the night some where while helping out of a few people. As the doors opened, I started freaking out. Not because the show was going to start shortly and not knowing what was going to happen but that outline made me freak out!!! I was so calm and chill the entire afternoon and it was scary. The year before I was really stressed and on edge so to be really calm was quite shocking. The outline was found and we could continue on!

Pole Dancers : Battle of the Pole Dance StudiosThe District started filling up and I couldnt believe my eyes. I knew I had a lot of online ticket sales, but more people paid the at door price. I kept telling myself I had this and I knew I was doing this for a great cause. Not only for the non profit we were benefiting but for these polers as well. I knew how much fun alot of these girls had last year and they couldnt wait to do it again. More and more spectators came, some I knew and some knew who I was. Then we got the show on the road.

Nicki opened up the show. I had never seen her live, only on YouTube. I was blown away. I am always impressed with what she can do. She put on a great opening number and really set the tone for the night.

Not only was Nicki a judge for the evening we also had Talece Brown - founder and creator of Pole Dance Magazine Online and Kristen Novasad - a Master Instructor with Diva Fit and a finalist from USPDF East Coast Regionals and Ms Tri-State finalist. These girls know their stuff when it comes to pole.

Up first was Fascination Fitness. They were first time performers at the Battle and the only group to represent Maryland Pole Dancing. I loved their routine, it was very fun and cute. Seeing them perform at the first Pole Convention, I knew what they were capable were doing. Next was Pole Pressure DC. They had wont the Best Overall title last year, they were back to defend it!!! From last years performance, they had begun a Pole Troupe. The have performed at various events. You could tell these girls had put their all into it. I was so impressed with them, knowing who their owner was - I always knew these girls had some of the best instructors on the East Coast. After coming back from Intermission it was Dazzling Diva Fitness’s turn. I had never heard of their studio before the event. I found alot of the studios via Wikipole. They put on a great show and I was impressed with what they brought to the Battle. Finally it was Pole Pressure of Leesburg’s turn. They were going to end the show. I had known ahead of time what the routine was. They decided to do the Cell Block Tango from Chicago - but a pole version instead. You can tell they did their homework for this routine. Chicago is one of my favorite musicals and the Cell Block Tango was one of my favorite parts. So I was actually singing the song as they were performing it.

I can tell you how proud I was of everyone. Some of them had told me that this was thier first time performing and they were nervous. I gave them my usual Lulu pep talk - go out there and have fun!!!

Pole Dancers : Battle of the Pole Dance Studios

The judges and I started tallying up the scores, things were going great. It looked like each studio would be able to take home an award. Then it came down to the Best Overall award - THERE WAS A TIE!! I didnt plan for a tie, I couldnt decide thats not fair since I know alot of the performers personally. The judges teamed up and came up with a game plan - we put the Battle in to Sudden Death Pole Edition. The tie came down to Pole Pressure DC and Pole Pressure of Leesburg. We had a representative from each studio come down. They had 30 seconds to do a trick and spin combos of their choice. From there we would decide a best overall winner. Von of Pole Pressure Leesburg went up first. She did hers on spin mode. Shes this years runner up at Miss Pole Dance GA, I knew she had some serious moves. Then it was Pole Pressure DC’s turn. Their rep was Andrea, you could tell she was a bit nervous about it. She went up there and tore it up!!! After both performers did their thing, it was the judges final decision. It wasnt easy for them, there was some debating and going back and forth. This is why I had 3 judges. They made a decision but I wasnt going to announce it just yet.

It was time for the awards, I knew everyone wanted to hear the Best Overall prize but I wasnt going to reveal that until the end. I went and announced the winners and thier prizes. Then it was time for the big prize. I asked the crowd who they thought won, and it became a crowd from a rival football game. You heard DC on one side and Leesburg on the other. It was even hard to determine from the crowd. Then came the drum roll. I knew who won before awards were given out and I was proud of this group. This year the Best Overall winner went to Pole Pressure DC!!! They had won a second year in a row. They are so determined to come back for 2012 and defend their title.

Overall it was a fantastic night. We were able to raise $1000 to PCOS Challenge. PCOS Challenge is a non-profit group who help raise awareness and provide help for those with PCOS. Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is often unrecognized in the medical community and being someone who has PCOS, I want to spread as much awareness as I can. Pole has become my therapy when I get down on myself and the PCOS takes over. I told myself I would not make it run my life and Ive done pretty good with it.

Here is the list of winners from the night:

Team Trixter: Fascination Fitness
Team Drama: Pole Pressure DC
Team Style: Pole Pressure Leesburg
Crowd Favorite: Pole Pressure DC
Team Artistic: Pole Pressure Leesburg
Team Congeniality: Dazzling Diva Fitness
Best Overall: Pole Pressure DC